Lyndon Subsoiler (Terrabuster 250)

The Terrabuster 250 is designed for both pasture improvement and pre-cultivation subsoil uses. After rigorous testing we have a machine to further compliment our offering alongside our trusted harrow products, which have been used in New Zealand for over 45 years. The Terrabuster 250 subsoiler has a working width of 2500mm, with a 3000mm subsoil improvement width. The machine is heavy duty, but simple in its construction and operation to keep build costs down. We recommend 120 hp and above to utilise the sub soiler. Features: Break up Soil Compaction, Improved Drainage, Increased Pasture Root Mass, Reduced Moisture Run off, Increased Nutrient Intake


* 125 x 125 x 9mm Steel Frame

* Angled frame design for Strength

* 18 inch Coulter Discs

* 2500mm Working Width

* 18mm wideTensile Legs (four legs as standard)

* Adjustable Rear Roller – 300mm Dia

* Shear Bolt Legs

* Shin Guards for Minimised Leg Wear

* Tynes & Wings adjustable up to 400mm Depth

TerraBuster 250 – List Price $17,850 + gst + Delivery Fee Pricing  – please contact us directly at