Ripper / Aerator

An affordable and light 3PL ripper / aerator to use for pugged and hard to access areas such as fence lines, gated areas, tree areas, between vines and also a great option for conditioning horse tracks. Depths can be set between 20 – 120mm and the tynes can be turned upside down for a double-length life.

* Three point linkage, (Cat 1 & Cat 2 ready)
* Tynes are adjustable depth up to 120mm for light aeration
* Tynes can be turned over once worn for double extended life. Hi-Wear G400 steel.
* Skid supports adjust on the sides for depth control.
* Twin rear hooks and carry tray for operating towable harrows are included.
* Harrow tow hooks & harrow top-mounted cradle included for easy transport. (Harrows are extra cost).
* Top frame designed to take weights if required (water, concrete posts etc)
* Remove pugging from cattle.
* Access tight areas such as gates, fence line, vine rows, tree line.
* Aeration for pasture improvement, improves absorption of water and nutrients.
* We recommend 35hp or above to use this implement.

Great value for the smaller operator not requiring large and expensive cultivation equipment. Available in 1800, 2400 and 3000mm width. Also you can attach a harrow of your choice behind to smooth out various surfaces.

Available in: contact our team to find out what we have in stock