Hydraulic Folding Frame Harrows

Designed and constructed with strength and simplicity in mind these Lyndon Hydraulic Folding Frames help cover large acreages rapidly. NZ standard sizes available range 4 to 9 metres wide. Australian standard sizes 9 – 14.5 metres. These hydraulic folding frames are built to carry any of our range of leaf (stump-jump, diamond etc) harrows and can easily be fitted with a selection of chain or combination harrows. We also produce a road legal hydraulic frame that can be transported between working sites. This is fitted with hydraulic feed as standard, can also option a hydraulic pump if towing behind other vehicles without hydraulics. Takes all the hassle out of folding up harrows or dragging sideways between paddocks.

Easy to maintain and will give trouble free service year after year. Price on Application. Australian orders priced to nearest port.

Available in: contact our team to find out what we have in stock

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Hydraulic Folding Frame Harrow